Whirlwind campaign coming to a crashing end. SEIU backs Preckwinkle | Greg Hinz | Crain's Chicago Business The whirlwind primary election campaign has gone into overdrive, with various developments — Harold from the grave, a surprising Cook County poll, Bob Schillerstrom dropping out — occurring almost too fast to report. With a week and a weekend to go, here's what to look for: For governor, the Democratic brawl between incumbent Pat Quinn and Comptroller Dan Hynes is still intensifying, with Mr. Quinn yet to lay out a full response to Mr. Hynes' TV spot featuring Harold Washington talking about why he fired Mr. Quinn as city revenue director in 1987. The ad clearly hurts, because it strikes Mr. Quinn at his most vulnerable spot: competency. But Mr. Hynes equally clearly has left himself open to a counterattack. "It's sort of ironic for Hynes to bring it up," WVON-AM talk-show host Cliff Kelley told me in a phone chat. "If it were up to Hynes and his father" (Tom Hynes, who left the Democratic Party to run as an independent against Mr. Washington in 1987) "Harold never would have been mayor." Team Hynes responds that that's his father, not him — though the comptroller surely is being backed by many of the same folks who backed his father 23 years ago. But Mr. Kelley makes an interesting point: The last time Mr. Hynes ran for office other than comptroller, he ran for the U.S. Senate, against a fellow named Barack Obama. Expect to hear more about that, too. And don't be at all shocked if the Hynes folks have a counterattack to the counterattack: film of Mr. Quinn saying lots of nice things about Rod Blagojevich. On the GOP side of the race for guv, Bob Schillerstrom's decision to drop out removes one of three relative moderates from the field — thereby helping those who remain. That's why...

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