FLOTSAM & JETSAM: HOW TO JUMP START THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT FLOTSAM & JETSAM: HOW TO JUMP START THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT Sam Smith Define your politics issue by issue, not icon by icon. One reason progressive politics fares so poorly is because we spend too much time on individual campaigns and not enough on issues. While the former tend to drive away the independent, the skeptical and those who don't like a particular a candidate, the latter can attract all sorts to join with others who may agree only one issue. Define your politics by issue by issue, not by ideology. It's a lot easier to get a cross section of people backing a particular issue than it is for them to buy into your whole philosophy of life. Use the former approach on the streets and save the latter for the bar. You don't need common ideology if you have common causes. Use fewer experts from the Ivy League and more from Iowa. Remember that most minority voters don't get to even look at a glass ceiling. But many of them run into locked doors every day. Pay much more attention to the latter. Don't dis' those whose votes you need. Convert them with policies that actually help them. Do a good enough job and they'll forget about abortions and gay marriage. The red states are not your enemy; they are an undeveloped market. Remember that minorities have diversity, too. Just because a black politician talks about hope and change doesn't mean he's Martin Luther King. Especially if he's from Chicago. Support small business. Nobody else does. Support labor unions. Nobody else does. Go after credit card usury. Nobody else does and everyone else would love it Move economic issues back to the top of the list. Since the 1980s, liberals have forgotten this basic part of their heritage, which...

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