Warning Signs: Obama's Ideology Threatens America By Alan CarubaDuring what can only be hoped will be the final struggle between the socialist and capitalist approach to health care the debate is focused on the cost of Obamacare, its impact on the nation’s economy, its legislative over-reach, and the fact that it will ration care. If Obama wins, America loses. The “reforms” will ultimately end up killing people who would otherwise have survived illness or injury if it is implemented. Beyond that, Obama’s efforts to control large segments of the economy will pick up momentum.An entire generation or more of Americans who did not live through the Cold War waged against the former Soviet Union or saw the rise of communism in China are unaware of the toll it took on humanity. In a 1997 book, “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression”, published by Harvard University, it set the death tolls at 65 million in China, 20 million in the Soviet Union, and so on. The total worldwide exceeded 100 million.This week Americans will see if their system of government works to represent their will. When it controls the provision of health care, the government will literally have life and death authority over people.Those who voted for Obama, giving him a fairly slim margin of victory, and those who instinctively sensed something terribly wrong in the man have now had their worst fears confirmed. If our system of government works, it will reject Obamacare because that is what it was designed to do. The Constitution is structured to slow down the passage of a really bad law and to create obstacles to bringing it to a vote. Only an administration with a totalitarian inclination would go to the lengths we’ve seen to pass a law that 75% of the people reject.Obama is driven entirely by...

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